Qian Zhu

Hello! I am Qian.

(How to pronounce my first name: "chien")
I am a Ph.D. candidate from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), advised by Professor Xiaojuan Ma at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). Previously, I received my master's degree from the HCI lab of Chinese Academy of Science and my bachelor's degree from Shandong University.

My research interests include Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Visualization (VIS). Before my Ph.D. Qualifying Exam, I designed and implemented visualization systems to assist users in writing persuasive arguments and making decisions online.
Upon uncovering where my real interests lie, I shifted to studying the field of immersive visualization and interaction starting from the winter of 2021. I am passionate about utilizing immersive technology to enhance people's ability to perceive, interact with, and communicate data, and I am also focusing on evaluating the effect of immersive technology on people's awareness, decision making, or behaviors.

Contact Info

Email: qian.zhu@connect.ust.hk
Twitter: @qian_hci
Github: QianZ

Latest News

Jul 2024: Our paper is accepted by VIS2024: CompositingVis: Exploring Interactions for Creating Composite Visualizations in Immersive Environments. Congrats to my co-authors!

Apr 2024: Our paper is conditionally accepted by DIS2024: Towards Feature Engineering with Human and AI's Knowledge: Understanding Data Science Practitioners' Perceptions in Human&AI-Assisted Feature Engineering Design. Congrats to my co-authors!

Jan 2024: Our paper is conditionally accepted by CHI 2024: Make Interaction Situated: Designing User Acceptable Interaction for Situated Visualization in Public Environments. Congrats to my co-authors and thanks for your input.

Dec 2023: Visiting Yalong's Group (IVI Lab) as a visiting Ph.D. student in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech.

Nov 2023: Our paper was accepted by CSCW 2024: The Contemporary Art of Image Search: Iterative User Intent Expansion via Vision-Language Model. Congrat to Yilin and Prof. Zeng!

Aug 2023: Our paper was accepted by IJHCS (International Journal of Human-Computer Studies): From Reader to Experiencer: Design and Evaluation of an Interactive VR Data Story for Promoting the Situation Awareness of Public Health Threats. Congrats to my co-authors and thanks for your input!

Feb 2023: Our paper was accepted by CHI LBW 2023: "Unfold and Go Touch": A Portable Method for Making Existing Touchscreens Accessible to Blind and Low Vision People in Self-Service Terminals. Congrat to Weiyue and the collaborators.

Jan 2023: Visiting Prof. Zeng's Group as a RA in Computational Media and Arts (CMA) Thrust, HKUST(GZ).

Sept 2022: Started internship in Human Machine Interaction (HMI) Lab (Huawei).

June 2022: Our paper was accepted by CSCW 2022: Bias-Aware Design for Informed Decisions: Raising Awareness of Self-Selection Bias in User Ratings and Reviews. Congrats to my co-authors and thanks for your input!

April 2022: Passed the PhD Qualified Exam (PQE) and became a PhD candidate! My PQE Presentation is about evaluation practice of immersive visualizaion. Thanks for my committee members!

Jan 2022: Our paper was accepted by CSCW 2022: A Visual Interactive System to Enhance the Persuasiveness of Arguments in Online Discussion. Congrat to Meng and the collaborators.


Special Recognitions for Outstanding Reviews: 1 recognition for VIS 2023 Full Papers, 2 recognition for CHI 2024 Full Papers, 1 recognition for CHI 2024 LBW.
Conference Review:SIGGRAPH Asia '24, DIS '24 CHI '24, '23, '22, VIS '23,'22, CSCW '23 '22, CHI EA '24 '23 '22, VINCI '23, ChinaVis '22, VIS short paper '22, WWW '21
Journal Review: TOCHI '21 JCST '19

Teaching Assistant Service

Fall 2023 COMP 4462 - Data Visualization
Fall 2021 COMP 4462 - Data Visualization
Spring 2021 COMP 1029 - Python Programming Bridging Course


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