Qian Zhu

Hello! I am Qian.

(How to pronounce my first name: "chien")
I am a Ph.D. candidate from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), advised by Professor Xiaojuan Ma at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). Previously, I received my master's degree from the HCI lab of Chinese Academy of Science and my bachelor's degree from Shandong University.

My research interests include Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Visualization (VIS). Before my Ph.D. Qualifying Exam, I designed and implemented visualization systems to assist users in writing persuasive arguments and making decisions online.
Upon uncovering where my real interests lie, I shifted to studying the field of immersive visualization and interaction starting from the winter of 2021. I am passionate about utilizing immersive technology to enhance people's ability to perceive, interact with, and communicate data, and I am also focusing on evaluating the effect of immersive technology on people's awareness, decision making, or behaviors.

Contact Info

Email: qian.zhu@connect.ust.hk
Twitter: @qian_hci
Github: QianZ

Latest News

Apr 2024: Our paper is conditionally accepted by DIS2024: Towards Feature Engineering with Human and AI's Knowledge: Understanding Data Science Practitioners' Perceptions in Human&AI-Assisted Feature Engineering Design. Congrats to my co-authors!

Jan 2024: Our paper is conditionally accepted by CHI 2024: Make Interaction Situated: Designing User Acceptable Interaction for Situated Visualization in Public Environments. Congrats to my co-authors and thanks for your input.

Dec 2023: Visiting Yalong's Group (IVI Lab) as a visiting Ph.D. student in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech.

Nov 2023: Our paper was accepted by CSCW 2024: The Contemporary Art of Image Search: Iterative User Intent Expansion via Vision-Language Model. Congrat to Yilin and Prof. Zeng!

Aug 2023: Our paper was accepted by IJHCS (International Journal of Human-Computer Studies): From Reader to Experiencer: Design and Evaluation of an Interactive VR Data Story for Promoting the Situation Awareness of Public Health Threats. Congrats to my co-authors and thanks for your input!

Feb 2023: Our paper was accepted by CHI LBW 2023: "Unfold and Go Touch": A Portable Method for Making Existing Touchscreens Accessible to Blind and Low Vision People in Self-Service Terminals. Congrat to Weiyue and the collaborators.

Jan 2023: Visiting Prof. Zeng's Group as a RA in Computational Media and Arts (CMA) Thrust, HKUST(GZ).

Sept 2022: Started internship in Human Machine Interaction (HMI) Lab (Huawei).

June 2022: Our paper was accepted by CSCW 2022: Bias-Aware Design for Informed Decisions: Raising Awareness of Self-Selection Bias in User Ratings and Reviews. Congrats to my co-authors and thanks for your input!

April 2022: Passed the PhD Qualified Exam (PQE) and became a PhD candidate! My PQE Presentation is about evaluation practice of immersive visualizaion. Thanks for my committee members!

Jan 2022: Our paper was accepted by CSCW 2022: A Visual Interactive System to Enhance the Persuasiveness of Arguments in Online Discussion. Congrat to Meng and the collaborators.


Special Recognitions for Outstanding Reviews: 1 recognition for VIS 2023 Full Papers, 2 recognition for CHI 2024 Full Papers, 1 recognition for CHI 2024 LBW.
Conference Review: DIS '24 CHI '24, '23, '22, VIS '23,'22, CSCW '23 '22, CHI EA '24 '23 '22, VINCI '23, ChinaVis '22, VIS short paper '22, WWW '21
Journal Review: TOCHI '21 JCST '19

Teaching Assistant Service

Fall 2023 COMP 4462 - Data Visualization
Fall 2021 COMP 4462 - Data Visualization
Spring 2021 COMP 1029 - Python Programming Bridging Course


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